ScrapBooking & WireWrapping SeaGlass

teaching/retailing PEI Workshop                                        

Scrapbooking memorabilia! Anne of Green Gables, PEI, Seascapes & Nautical Themed Borders, Punches, Tags and Page Layouts, and the photos?
Along the Prince Edward Island shores we find shards of seaglass and wire wrap them into treasured gifts.
Walking beside the ocean, hearing the waves, looking downward, picking what man has left behind and what nature has tumbled. Once sand now glass, once raw now wrapped, was mine, now yours.

Come play! Walk / Paper / Glass

Coming together


I’m joining blogs

Scrapandwrap has a redirect to where I’ll now be blogging my crafts.

 Friday’s I’m posting to blogspot about  Grandma’s Afternoons, the tea room, and Island stuff,

and randomly I’ll be posting craft items at where I’ll post the most recent items I’ve made.

like this set I finished and posted on my Etsy shop, and it sold right away.


I’m moving and I’ll be


what I’m up to at grandma’s afternoons, please bookmark,

and what I’m crafting at, please visit and bookmark also.

bye for now,



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Farmers Market Jewellery Displays

Finding interesting displays for your homemade jewellery at a farmers market or even in your store can bee a little overwhelming. A display should get someones attention but not so much that it takes the attention off of what you wish to display.

I’ve looked high and low for some interesting pieces and shapes and have come up with a couple.

First, I like white instead of black it just brightens up a well lite table even in the evening so I try and find objects such as china plates, shells, and mirrors.

Plaster Coral

Coral Plaster Jewellery Holder


Shells I picked of the beach in Prince Edward Island

Spray painted shell display


These shells have mini shells glued under for feet and I’ve spray painted them with a metallic gold spray pain

Shell Jewellery Display


I hope these little tips come in handy for your own jewellery displays.

I also hope this means I’m getting back to blogging,

bye for now,



  • BetteJo says:

    I want to get back to blogging too! Well, I think I do. :/

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      I wonder sometimes if we just get into a sort of hum drum with our lives and decide to change the routine and blogging is such a routine. I also know FB can be a routine I’d like to change, lol

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    SeaGlassing Pearls in a Pod

    Pearls in a Pod

    seaglass pendant

    Pearls in a Pod

    Seaglass bottle top pendant


    My work in the shop has me creating pretty little wee things for my granddaughter’s hair. I’ve purchased clips and flowers and together with seaglass have turned them into hair clips.

    SeaGlass & flower hair clips

    DIY hair clip

    DIY hair clip


    Small shards of seaglass picked from Souris Beach, PEI


    flowers: Michaels arts and crafts

    hiar clips: notions store / walmart / dollar store

    seaglass:  Etsy shop / ScrapNWrap

    glue: E6000 Michaels crafts / ACMoore / Jo-Ann Fabrics


    Thank you, see you next time,



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    Black Sea Glass

    I’ve been trying out a different wire wrapping technique

    Black wire wrapped sea glass necklace


    The colour is dark, so dark it looks black however it is dark olive green.

    While walking the shore of my Prince Edward Island home and contemplating the amount of gardening work needed to get down this week I stumbled across this amazing piece of seaglass.  

    Learning of it’s origin and colour intrigued me to read up on the rhum runner days and the bootlegging days of PEI.  During the 1930′s The Dicks brothers lived in Georgetown and smuggled thousands of kegs from the French Islands of St. Pierre you can visit a commemorative stone carving here done by Abe Waterman who stone carved the story of the schooner.  The stone has three sides and each is carved and it sits today in MacDonald gardens right next to the Kings Playhouse.

    Black rum runner seaglass

    Sorry I got off in a tangent, meanwhile before my thoughts carried me some 80 years past, I reached for this piece and my imagination ran away with the journey this dark bottle was on before it landed ashore. 

     I hope you enjoyed.

    Today it is raining, a good day to keep me inside and get the Island Made gift shop organized or list a couple a more items on my Etsy ScrapNWrap Shop. 



  • You have done a splendid job there. The silver design and wrapping compliments the black sea glass perfectly.

  • BetteJo says:

    Beautiful piece Cindy!

  • Cyndi says:

    Beautiful piece Cindy! You know I love your wrapping! We are looking forward to another visit with the two of you this summer, maybe this year we will all get out for dinner. Very excited that your tea room was named as one of the best in all of Canada, but then those of us who have been there knew that. Keep those scones warm for us, Gregg and I will be heading over as soon as we reach the island.

  • Cheryl Chamberlain says:

    Hi Cindy,
    I love the wrapping on this dark green piece- you do amazing work- you are so creative! We head to PEI June 3rd, staying until July 5th. See you soon!

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    AcryLic Flower NeckLace

    Just around the corner!

    Spring is?

    If your like me – at this time of year I start looking two ways for Spring… especially after the Winter we just went through.  

    I thought I’d put a little Spring into my step while I wait it out.

    At a beading group of purchased a baggie of acrylic flowers from a lady and have been wanting to make a necklace with them every since.  The last road trip I went on I took my tools and these acrylic flowers and designed this

    Spring Fling Necklace

    acrylic flower necklace


     smaller beads represent the flower centre



     I’m wondering if I should add this necklace to my Etsy Shop.  I’ll have to think of how I could package it so it didn’t get damaged. 

    Happy Spring Bead’n







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    Crafting with Cobalt Blue & Yellow Rare Seaglass

    I’ve just noticed I’d not blogged on my craft blog since December.

    That could only mean one thing – grandchildren have taken my time away from you. So sorry, I’ve neglected taking pictures of crafts lately.  Today is Logan’s B’day, he is my only grandson out of 6 grandchildren, yes the rest are girls. He is such a joy to be around and grandma had brusses on her knees loving her time spent with him.  I’ll miss him as we will be leaving to head home to Prince Edward Island soon and Logan lives in North Carolina.  Here is his cake, it is a replica from his favourite show “Turtle Tales”


    Logan’s First Birthday Cake


    My next craft share is seaglass

    Dragonfly and butterfly necklace


    Cobalt blue seaglass dragonfly & butterfly necklace


    I’ve madea number of peices (new) these last few weeks while visiting in North Carolina.  Now to get the descriptions and such into my Etsy ScrapNWrap will be theh next challenge.


    Thank you for coming by, following and taking a gander at what I’ve been up to.

    Until we meet again, happy crafting,


    Cobalt blue and yellow seaglass tree of life




  • Hi Cindy, you make some lovely things over there in PEI. I love beach glass too. Recently I’ve taken a simple silversmithing course and I wonder if I can make something with my beach glass. It’s just such lovely stuff, isn’t it? :)

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      Hi Veronica,
      If you visit the Island I’ll show you a few new techniques. I find it fun and a great escape from the daily noise. Take care

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    Christmas Scrapbooking & Seaglassing

    Christmas Time 


    definitely is the busiest time to be out and about.

    Seems I’ve had to return to the store each day over the last 5 and each time saying this is the last time.

    Over the last 5 days I’ve finished up a few Anne of Green Gables hats, bagged and tagged them and they are ready to be hung with the other Island Memorabilia in the gift shop.

    scrapbooked anne of green gables hasts

    My family tree at Christmas

    Scrapbooking a tree ringed photo album

    I had extra Christmas pictures and what better way to display them than on a family tree.

    Seeing it is Christmas time and red is the reason to colour the season, I’ve chosen some red seaglass to share with you.

    red seaglass


    What a beautiful piece for sure, I’ll need to wrap it some day but today just as I found it


    amazing piece of red wire wrapped seaglass

    This red piece of seaglass to the left of the picture has got to be my most magnificent find ever

    and the white seaglass is enhanced by the beauty red has to offer

    wire wrapped seaglass red crystals

    Well this is it my friends, it for another year.

    It has been challenging but rewarding and fun.

    Wishing you the very best Christmas.

    Come back and visit me in the New Year.

    Happy are those who scrapbook and wire wrap,






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    Seaglass and Designs

    My New


    These days so many lovelies on Prince Edward Island are wire wrapping Seaglasss.  I decided to design a new look, I like to think it is jewellery from the age and era of the Titanic but my French Gardener tells me it is Steampunk Jewellery with all the embellishments.  Whatever it is called I made a few new pieces this past week to share with you and need your opinion on them.  Like most new adventures, we are critical of ourselves so be honest and let me know what age group this might be aimed too? Do you think this might be a seller? Should I just stick to what I know and the usual wirewrapping I’ve done?


    Drum Roll………



    “Miss dragonfly”  has just landed on a smooth landing pad picked from the shores of Prince Edward Island. Well rounded and smooth this teal piece of seaglass was perfect for her little feet to drop down onto.



     This is dear to my heart and I caller her “Miss Diet”.  If you have a look you can see Miss Diet knows the key to success, and it  is  time and she has nicely put it onto her plate.




    “Miss Reflections” who could forget this little dear who flutters around us daily reminding us of how short the tree of life really is for her.  The trunk of the tree of life carries her offspring who have not yet grown up to learn the colours of life yet,  but they are close by and eager. For if they earn those colours her job is done and passed on.




    Bringing up the tail end is “Miss Wantabee”

    “Miss Wantabee” is a flighty dragonfly who is very compassionate about her work and friends, she is compelled to be a follower not a leader. She enjoys the simple life of colours and flowers and couldn’t care about their names just that they surround her.  She has made her nest in the tree of life and won’t fly too far from it.


    The pictures you see are real, they are my new designs, the names and people they have been created from are protected for personal reasons. These necklaces along with other Seaglass can be purchased in the Prince Edward Island gift shop called “Island Made” located at 545 Malpeque Rd, Charlottetown.


    Thank you, Cindy




  • Sandie Egal says:

    I loved the dragonfly ,its beautiful…. I also liked the one with the butterfly For me they remind me some of the pieces my Nana used to have and they were pieces that were her Moms. I asked Jannie if she has seen these pieces and she said she had and she liked the same ones I liked with the little critters and it was Jannie who started me on my collection of Dragonflies ,just thought you might like to know that . Anyway thanks for letting us see your work way down here! So I’ll say bye for now Sandie

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      I have plenty of memories around my Grandmother as she was a great inspiration to me. I get that joy in these little critters and creating jewellery. Thanks for coming by and I’m glad you enjoyed my work

  • Lisa Bernier says:

    Love your different pages and blog, especially the scrapbook page. Sending hugs from My daughter Aimee and myself, Lisa in CT, USA

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      Thank you Lisa, means a bunch, glad you were able to stop by. Wishing you and Aimee a great Christmas if I don’t get to chat before then. Hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful blessing.

  • MaryLou says:

    I LOVE all these designs, Cindy! I’m caught between Miss Diet and Miss Wantabee as my favorite… I also love the stories with each design… it adds that special Cindy touch.

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      I started writing little stories about my designs as a way of connecting the piece and individual. Ya, I think so also, thank you, means a great deal that others appreciate. Take care

  • Lori says:

    Miss Diet is my favourite! Nice and something a little different. All ages I woulds sa,y

  • Your blogpost looks fine Cindy. I think you should make your pictures larger so we can see more detail though. I love these pieces and I like dragonflies too. :)

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      Great suggestion Pamela, I’ll have to change the settings on my photosizer then you will be seeing more detail. Light has plenty to do with it as well. I notice a great deal of my pictures turn out when taken outside. Oh well we are coming up to that time of year again.

      • Pam munro says:

        I personally love your wire wrapping. others may do it but they don’t compare to your unique creative designs !

        • Scrapbook Cindy says:

          What a lovely surprise Pam. I was thinking so many are doing wire wrapping that I needed a new look. I haven’t given up on my wrapping just took a fresh start in another direction for a little short time. Like habit I always return to what I like doing best, lol, this week I’m trying to knit socks. Do you knit?

  • Janet Murphy says:

    this email will work LOL

  • Janet Murphy says:

    Hi Cindy, I think they are beautiful and a nice change from the usual stuff I’ve seen. Corra really likes the butterflies and clock but said they dragonfly was not her style.

    • Scrapbook Cindy says:

      Oh Corra, I prefer dragonflies.
      Please for me, let Corra know, I have a new scone and need her to test it out also, lol.

      It is cranberry and roasted almonds.

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    SeaGlass Vacation Time

    We are on the road in search of seaglass.

    This time our travels are taking us to New Brunswick, where we hope to be able to share some locations as well as our favourite finds.

    Before I go I want to give you something to remember me by,

    See you soon,








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    Golf Scrapbooking

    The summer was a good one, now it is time to unwind and wind up the golf clubs.

    First I’ll have to scrapbook a little golf tag

    scrapbook golf tag

    I thrifted a large package of stickers when I was at a shop in Durham, North Carolina called the Scrap Exchange, I love this place and can’t wait to return.

    Shop called the scrap exchange

    A retailer of scrapbooking supplies must have dropped off their extras, and I happened to thift them while I was there.  I was starting to think I’d have to UPS a box home because I was filling up the RV and someone was starting to complain.

    My next tag is with a golf bag and a golf flag.

    golf tags

     I’ll make a few doodads to go along with it and bag them for the gift shop this week.

    During many mornings sitting at the bed and breakfast table I discovered something that golfers had in common.  They seemed to all have the same comments about golfing in Prince Edward Island and that was, “the greens are so pristine.”  When asked why that was I came up with a quick easy answer.  ”Our golf courses on Prince Edward Island get a rest in the Winter months.”  One of the complaints about the courses in the US was that the greens were always dried out and hard to golf on.  Our last guests had been at the Fox Meadow Golf course.  He commented that, “for the end of the season the greens were still a dark green and lush.”

    There you go, PEI has been rated with the top beach in Canada and the golf courses rated the most green, another reason to season PEI.  And ladies if you are looking for something to do while he is out golfing, stop by the workshop and try your hand at scrapbooking PEI.

    Bye for now and be sure to keep scrap’N



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