Scrap'n and
     Wire Wrap'n

Wire Wrapped Sea Glass

See below some samples of my seaglass treasures. In April 2013, I opened my Etsy shop with great intentions and expectations. Then I got busy teaching others how to wire wrap and well you know the story.

seaglass #1 Wire wrapped seaglass #2 #3 #4 #5 beach sea glass sandal #6

Clear Seaglass

These 4 are wire wrapped ready to go

Wrapped sea glass

Sea Glass Pendant #7 wire wrapped seaglass multi colour wire #8

Green seaglass wrapped in gold


Multi-coloured wire wrapped

wire wrapped silver sea glass #9 Sea glass and beads Green Nugget Beach Glass #10

Smooth nugget wrapped in silver and gold


Thick green nugget wrapped in gold wire

handmade seaglass pendant #11 PEI sea glass Green and Silver SeaGlass #12

One of my favourites wrapped in silver wire


Gorgeous green and silver

Dark green PEI beach glass textured sea glass #13 Beachcombing rare PEI for sea glass


Textured ridges on seaglass


sea glass ring #13a caged sea glass Blue seaglass ring

Sea glass caged in gold wire


Blue sea glass ring

Where to find sea glass Rare sea glass PEI #41 Emerald green sea glass

Caged green seaglass ring

Simple teal green wrapped in gold


large sea glass #15 wire wrap seaglass #16 Beach glass found on the Beaches of PEI #17

Sea glass nugget

Caged in silver wire

A touch of gold

Prince Edward Island Sea Glass #18 rare seaglass #24 white seaglass #23

Gold wire wrapped large nugget

Rare Sea glass silver wire

White with silver wire wrap

teal seaglass #14 white beachglass #27 pink sea glass #20

Big and beautiful teal seaglass

White beach glass with swirls

Perfect pink piece of sea glass

seaglass bookmark #25 square sea glass #22 green seaglass #19

Bookmarks with sea glass

Square white sea glass wire wrapped

Amazing dark green sea glass

white and green sea glass #28 white seaglass #32 seaglass #33

White with a hint of green

Long white seaglass

Dark green and silver swirls

blue pottery #30 Pei Seaglass #21 clear seaglass #29

Blue pottery

Round pink seaglass nugget

Large clear seaglass

seaglass sea foam green #26 cobalt blue sea glass #38 green seaglass #39

Light green large seaglass

White seaglass with cobalt blue

Wire wrapped green sea glass nugget